Welcome to Revo Design

Revo Design is the freelance vehicle for trailbreak.co.uk website and graphic designer, Martin Harrison. (Which is to say me. I promise not to refer to myself in the third person again.)

Trail Break is the busiest organiser of off road cycling events in the UK (click on the Trail Break site link above to find out more), and my role with them is as much of a passion, obsession and way of life as it is a job. In spite of the long hours it fills, it does leave me with the flexibility to undertake print and web design work for select clients on a freelance basis. Which is the reason for this site.


Illustration & design for print and the web

I have ten years of experience, first as an illustrator and logo designer, moving into wider areas of print design and website creation to bring to your project. In that time, I have acquired a wide and varied skill base to accompany my flair for visual design and have also gained knowledge and contacts within the design industry that ensure I can manage your project through to completion.

I also have the experience to know what is important (and what works) in keeping your design commercially relevant, and I won't hesitate in sharing that experience with you. Commercial design is about creating a potent promotional tool; I would sooner lose a commission than proceed with a an idea or concept that I did not believe would serve the client as such.


Web hosting and search engine performance

Beyond simply hosting your site, I can host it at a competitive annual or monthly rate, on a reliable and fully featured hosting package. Your site will enjoy the security of residing on a server in a round the clock monitored Pipex data centre, allowing you complete peace of mind.

The additional advantage to your hosting with Revo Design is our linkage structure to the Trail Break website. trailbreak.co.uk is one of the longest established and busiest websites in it's field. The site is indexed by search engines thousands of times a month and comes out number one world wide in relevant Google searches. With this site acting as a hub between all that established search engine traffic and your site, you can benefit from a rankings boost that most fledgling websites could only dream of (or pay through the nose for). And all for no extra cost above your regular hosting fee.

Revo Designed and Hosted Sites include
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